Buy a Custom AR in Shreveport, LA

You can pick out which parts you want for your gun

Have you ever been bothered by a singular aspect of an AR while shooting? Maybe the stock was too long, or the trigger-pull weight was too heavy. These minor inconveniences may not seem like big issues, but they can harm your accuracy. In order to get the best gun possible, you may need a custom AR. R2 Custom Guns can build you your ideal gun, so you can be more accurate when you're shooting in Shreveport, LA. Browse our selection of custom AR accessories and parts today.

A rifle with different uses

ARs are a popular choice in firearm because of their versatility. With a wide variety of custom AR accessories to choose from, you can build the perfect one for how you want to use it. Many AR owners enjoy using theirs to:

  • Practice accuracy at the shooting range
  • Hunt pests and other game
  • Rest easy knowing they have a way to defend themselves
Get your custom AR today.