Can't Find the Exact Gun You Have in Mind?

Our team can build you a custom bolt rifle in Shreveport, LA

If you truly want the best gun for your needs, then you should order a custom bolt rifle from R2 Custom Guns. This way, you can feel confident in your shooting ability whether you're shooting at the range or hunting around Shreveport, LA.

Personalize your gun to meet your needs

If you need advice on parts, rely on our gunsmiths to help you through the custom bolt rifle process. We have a wide variety of rifle accessories and components for you to choose from. Come to R2 Custom Guns for your custom bolt rifle because we:

  • Use top-notch parts like Proof Research barrels and Manners Composite Stocks
  • Help you choose the best components for your build
  • Let you choose every detail of the firearm and rifle accessories
Customize your bolt-action rifle today.