Get Shotgun Optics Mounted in Shreveport, LA

Improve the sights on your shotgun

Need someone to mount optic products on your shotgun in Shreveport, LA? Turn to R2 Custom Guns. Most shotguns come with basic iron sights, so if you want to put a red dot sight or another optic on yours, you'll need to come to us. We mill the parts sufficiently, so they are sunken in the receiver. This makes the shotgun optics more comfortable to use. Hire us to mount optic products on your gun today.

Shoot more accurately

If you're using your shotgun for self-defense or turkey hunting, upgrading your optics is a good idea. An upgraded shotgun optic makes it easier to hit stationary targets. Choose R2 Custom Guns to mount optic products on your shotgun because we mount the sight in the receiver so you don't have to raise your head to use it. We're also the only shop around that offers this service.

Want to improve your accuracy? Bring your gun in for modifications today.